Q: What does my child need to wear?
We do not have a set uniform, however we do have DanceKidz merchandise which is available to purchase. T-shirt/shorts/leggings/trainers are suitable. Hair must be tied back and off the face and no jewellery is to be worn.

Q: Does my child need to bring anything to their DanceKidz sessions?
Please provide your child with a water bottle that they can have during the session. If your child requires medication of any sort (asthma inhalers etc) please put them in a clearly labelled box or bag and make us aware so that we can access them if or when needed.

Q: How much are the classes?
Classes are £5.00 per session. Fees are payable termly in advance.

Q: Do I have to book in advance or can I just turn up?
All classes must be booked in advance of the day, this is to prevent over booking. If you turn up without booking, we reserve the right to turn you away. Booking your child in is easy call, email or use our online booking system.

Q: Can parents/careers watch?
Parents are not allowed to watch regular classes. We do always hold an open class once a term.

Q: What happens if my child doesn't enjoy DanceKidz?
If you are unsure of whether your child will enjoy their classes we encourage you to take a FREE taster session. If you are still unsure, you can pay for the half term so they can have a go. Unfortunately we operate a strict no refund policy so once fees are paid we are unable to refund them regardless of the situation.